Generating Growth with Prosper Taruvinga from Livelong Digital

This week’s edition of the Profit Project interview series focuses on generating growth with an expert in the Digital Marketing space. Prosper Taruvinga from Livelong Digital joins us for an enlightening discussion. 

Many small businesses struggle to grow within the first few years. It can be a challenge to generate new leads and maximise exposure. Trying to execute a successful marketing strategy can become a bit overwhelming, which is where Prosper and his team can help. 

Digital marketing has become crucial in this day and age. Having the right tools to help your business grow can be the difference between success and failure. 

In the chat we cover:

  • How Prosper got started and his journey to entrepreneurship  
  • The challenges of trying to succeed in a competitive market
  • How businesses can struggle to generate leads
  • Strategies to help grow your business
  • What ‘return on investment’ means to Prosper
  • Key takeaway on how to generate growth in your business

Check out the full interview here:

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