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Time For Transformation

Make Your Business Work For You With These Resources

Each resource provides simple, clear and actionable steps you can make to immediately improve your business and help you serve more people.

Financial Health Check

Gain clarity on your profitability compared with successful businesses.

Make Difficult Conversations Easier

Follow the 5 steps to make things easier for you and your team.

Money Mindset Training

Money Mind Growth Quiz

Know your money archetype and how that influences your mindset.

Business transformation is not an event, it’s a habit…

You started your business with a big idea. One that was to serve others and make their lives better. And have a positive impact on the world.

Every day you smash it out of the park. Getting great results for your clients because you are great at what you do.

As a result, you’ve grown your business through those challenging early years. And you have a nice thing going. On the outside everything looks great.

But not all of the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. Behind the scenes it’s a different story.

Sometimes (or all of the time) you feel more like a firefighter. Rushing from one fire to the next. Not quite sure what you should be working on, or having the time, to grow your business. Or to just make everything simpler.

Cashflow always seem to be a challenge, even though your financials tell you that you’re ‘profitable’. Giving you sleepless nights worrying about money when all you want to focus on is your clients.

And then there’s the people challenges. You’ve built a team but you’re winging it. It’s harder than you feel like it should be to get everyone on board and working at their best. Even when there aren’t any obvious issues, you’re still spending a lot of time in the ‘doing’ and wish the team could do more to step up.

All these add up to a whole load of stress and pressure which isn’t what you got into business for. Taking you away from what you really want to be doing.

Now is the time to change all that and get your business in the shape of its life.

Meet Craig & Lauren

Craig and Lauren have a combined 40 years experience helping organisations build and implement profit and people plans.

Craig, being a new age CFO, takes a very different approach to making sense of your numbers. Yes, he’s a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA). Yes, he’s worked in health, private sector, and not-for-profits at home and abroad over the past 20 years from startup to nationally recognised organisations. And yes, he’s spent his working life living in spreadsheets demystifying numbers for those he works with.

But the difference is, Craig is one of only 9 Mastery level Profit First Professionals in Australia leveraging business owners human behavior and unique money code to unlock the shackles many face around money.

Lauren is the people expert and is passionate about progressing businesses through their people. With an extensive HR background in the franchise space, Lauren knows how to navigate the complexities of both big business and family businesses alike. Taking the everyday people challenges that all business owners experience and simplifying the steps to work through them.

Lauren is all about enabling business owners to do what they really want to do in their business. And creating environments where the team is empowered to progress themselves and the business.

The Secret Sauce to Transform Your Business

Say Hello to The Million $ Business Transformation

Diagnose & Discover

Get Complete Clarity

Pinpoint exactly what your business needs from you and what direction to take to achieve your goals.

Develop & Implement

Create the plan and take focused action

Starting at money mindset to money mind growth. Onto cash control and leverage. Through to progressing your people.

Celebrate & Optimise

Enjoy the rewards and continually improve

Build momentum as your business becomes the vehicle to help achieve your goals. Optimising every step of the way.

Let’s Talk Outcomes

Results You Can Expect

Here’s what you get when working with The Healthy Business Lab.


Guaranteed ROI

You have a guarantee on your investment to get the achievable results.


Happier People

An empowered and enabled team powers great outcomes and a positive workplace culture.


Better Sleep

With a clear plan and actionable steps to get there, no more sleepless nights worrying about the way forward.

From happy clients.

Find out how you can transform your business and unlock sustainable year-on-year growth for your business. Book a Biz Fit call today.

Why Invest

The Healthy Business Lab Advantage

Tailored Solutions

Get a clear profit and growth plan tailor just made for you.

Comprehensive Plan

Get a detailed profit and growth roadmap.

Amazing Support

Get clear, actionable steps to take whenever you need them.

Purpose Alignment

Supporting business owners to achieve their purpose through the business as a vehicle.

World Leading Tools & IP

Access The Profit First Prophet. And other proprietary tools that simplify growing your business.

Immediate Results

Generate a profit from the very next deposit you receive and see that as cash in your bank account.

The Promise to You

If you commit to, and action everything – and you don’t get 5 x ROI, you receive a full refund.