From Money Mindset To Money Mind Growth

Create a healthy relationship with money while removing unconscious money blocks.
Money Mindset Training

Taking Control Of Your Money

For many people, money blocks like these have taken control of them.


  • Making “just enough” to get by no matter how successful the business is 
  • Undercharging for your services
  • Having to work harder to make more money, in turn keeping you stuck where you are
  • Feeling of an invisible glass money ceiling
  • Desire to build wealth but worrying it will change you or your business
  • Stress of financial conversations (or arguments) with business partners or loved ones
  • Being secretive about money to ‘feel’ safe and in control
  • Avoiding ‘dealing with money’

It’s time to press the reset button on all of these.

Money Mind Growth Trainer

Craig is a Certified Sacred Money Archetypes coach and one of only 9 Mastery level Profit First Professionals in Australia. Enabling him to leverage business owners human behavior and unique money code to unlock the limiting belief many face around money.

But he also understands the challenges many business owners face in shifting from money mindset to a money mind growth perspective. Having undertaken a bit of a journey around this himself (see the article sharing some of this journey here).

How It Works

3 Steps to Increased Profits and Year-on-Year Growth

Step 1

Crack Your Money Code

To understand your money personality.

Step 2

Shift Your Money Story

Don’t be bound by the past. Set a new money story of abundance.

Step 3

Create Money Ceiling Breakthroughs

That empower you to value yourself and what you do.

Results You Can Expect

Outcomes that money mind growth can help you achieve.


Feel More Empowered

You’re free to make financial decisions from a place of empowerment rather than fear.


Secure Money Boundaries

Feel safe and secure to maintain money boundaries that work for you.


Better Relationships

Through a clear approach to financial conversations where people feel heard and understood.

What people say.

Ready for some money mind growth?

Let’s Crack Your Code!

Crack your Money Code

Know your unique money code in under 9 minutes.

coaching call
Money Mind Growth Call

A 30 minute money mind growth insights call to understand and leverage your unique money code.