Profit First Done With You

DIY Profit First with Support & Optimisation

Profit First 101
$297One of payment
  • Self paced DIY implementation
  • course created by Profit First
  • Australia
  • Part 1: Foundations
  • Part 2: Setup
  • Part 3: Implementation
  • Part 4: Review & Profit
  • Plus: 3 bonus trainings
  • 15 modules in total
Profit First 2.0
$2,475For DIY implementers wanting more
  • Group coaching
  • Including:
  • Profit First optimisation;
  • with cashflow forecasting
  • with money archetypes
  • Pricing strategy
  • Debt elimination strategy
  • Detailed expense reviews
  • The Profit First Prophet access
  • (allocation and forecasting tools)
  • Guaranteed results
Time For Transformation

Make Your Business Work For You With These Resources

Each resource provides simple, clear and actionable steps you can make to immediately improve your business and help you serve more people.

Financial Health Check

Gain clarity on your profitability compared with successful businesses.

Make Difficult Conversations Easier

Follow the 5 steps to make things easier for you and your team.

Money Mindset Training

Money Mind Growth Quiz

Know your money archetype and how that influences your mindset.