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The Healthy Business Lab (formerly Mints CD Consulting) was born off the back of a passion to help impact driven Health & Wellness business owners, and any other business owners who want a healthy, sustainable business, transform their business and their lives.

A 1 minute insight into The Healthy Business Lab and the people that make it tick.


The Healthy Business Lab agrees with Kofi Annan in that “knowledge is power, information is liberating. And education is the promise of progress in every society, in every family”. And we’re proud to be recognised for our efforts in this area.

A 1 minute video sharing a focus on education.

Time For Transformation

Make Your Business Work For You With These Resources

Each resource provides simple, clear and actionable steps you can make to immediately improve your business and help you serve more people.

Financial Health Check

Gain clarity on your profitability compared with successful businesses.

Make Difficult Conversations Easier

Follow the 5 steps to make things easier for you and your team.

Money Mindset Training

Money Mind Growth Quiz

Know your money archetype and how that influences your mindset.


Engaging with The Healthy Business Lab is all about you and your team. Creating the frameworks that optimise your business on a holistic level. And leveraging networks where needed to help you achieve your goals.

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Working with open and growth minded business owners who like to push the boundaries of what is achievable.

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Unlock Your Money Growth Code

Know the money code that makes you tick to understand how you can leverage it.

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Biz Fit Call

A 30 minute business fitness call with actionable steps that will provide immediate results.