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“As a small business owner who has started my business from the kitchen table, from scratch I felt quite daunted at the thought of expanding my team.  

However, working with Lauren on developing and implementing my “People Plan” has made me feel excited about growing our team.  I feel more confident that we can build a great culture with open, positive communication habits at the core.  

I feel like I have a plan for the steps of recruitment and guidance about how to ensure I’m bringing in just the right people that fit with the essence of our business.  

Thank you so much for all your help Lauren.”

Owner, The Whole Child

“I came across The Healthy Business Lab through reading Profit First and was excited they offered an affordable consultation option for a new business.

Craig’s immediate interest in my business and investment in seeing it grow made coming on board a very easy decision.

I had no idea about cashflow or how to implement the Profit First principles in my business, so it was great having Craig guide me step by step through the process.

I’ve learnt to trust the tools The Healthy Business Lab provides, and how making small adjustments to when bills and receivables are paid can make a huge impact on cashflow. It’s given me the confidence to plan potential future dips in cashflow and how to circumvent them.

Working with Craig has given me the confidence to know that we can get ourselves out of financial tight spots in the future without having to seek additional funding. That’s a huge weight off my shoulders as a new business owner with limited options for capital. 

Craig will give you a new perspective and a different way of tackling financial challenges. He will patiently walk you through the Profit First strategy and adapt it to suit your business.

Thanks again Craig for all your support and words of wisdom!”

Owner, Once Was

“Lauren’s approach and commitment to assisting our business to grow effectively and sustainably is faultless! 

The guidance and support Lauren provides has assisted us to develop ongoing systems to create a happy, healthy, fun and safe work environment for us and our team.”

Owner, Coalfields Climate Control

“Having Lauren on our team to work through some challenging issues was a blessing. She gave us the techniques and delivery methods to present to our team. 

Without her empathy, constructive thoughts, and understanding, I know the outcomes wouldn’t have been as good as they have been. 

Lauren is considerate of your needs as a business owner but insightful to the needs of your team. Let us say she has a beautiful way with words that work. 

I would highly recommend having Lauren on your team.”

Owner, Surety Property