Wonderful Wealth with Sean McGowan from WLM Financial Services

The Profit Project Interview series continues today with the first instalment of Wonderful Wealth. Wealth is commonly associated with financial wealth, but it can mean so many things to different people.

Throughout this series we’ll be covering many different areas. From lifestyle, social impact, spiritual, wealth and mindset. For those that want to create abundance, this series will have you covered.

But to kick this series off we will start on financial wealth with Sean McGowan from WLM Financial services. I’ve known Sean for a number of years and love his mindset and approach to sustainable wealth generation.

In the chat we cover:

  • What ‘wealth’ means to Sean
  • Why he got involved in financial planning in the first place
  • Challenges he has experience in building wealth
  • Some of the common challenge’s clients experience in building wealth
  • The benefits of having a clear wealth plan
  • And some key takeaways that people can implement straight away to build financial wealth

Check out the full interview here:

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