Wonderful Wealth with Jay Anderson from Jay Anderson Property

The Profit Project Interview series continues today where we talk Wonderful Wealth with Jay Anderson from Jay Anderson Property.

Wealth can come in many forms. And with Jay being involved in the property investment space, he was a natural fit for this series.

But what is also interesting is what ‘wealth’ means to Jay. You might think that it would be about creating a property portfolio. A whole heap of assets that produce a financial return But share something different. In one word, Jay says, ‘options’. Options to do what you want, when you want and on your own terms which is a great way of looking at it.

In the chat we talk about this plus the property side of things, and cover:

Why Jay does what he does and how he came to be doing it

An interesting family back story of being in the property space led him to start looking at investing himself.  A successful first foray had him eager for more, but also a realisation that he needed more education. Which has led him to being where he is today as he became “that annoying little kid” in learning all there is to know from the best in the business.

Challenges he has experienced along the way

Jay shared an interesting one that many people find as they start something new. The notion of ‘analysis paralysis’. He had all the data there at his fingertips but couldn’t make a decision. And that’s where a mentor stepped in to simplify things and direct the focus.

External factors that are out of control was another one to get a mention.

Some of the benefits of using a professional to help generate wealth

Echoing his own analysis paralysis comments, many clients experience the same issues. And that’s where a profession can step in. In the space of buyer’s agents like Jay, they can significantly reduce the time taken in finding and securing properties that align with the investment goals people have. And Jay share some great examples of this.

Not only is there a financial impact, but also the emotional and stress side of things. Only needing to make the executive decisions can change the experience markedly.

Some key takeaways that people can implement straight away to build financial wealth

In keeping with what Jay has learnt and implemented himself the 2 key ones highlighted are:

  • Having a clear plan that is constantly reviewed and adjusted
  • Continual education

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