The Profit Project Interview Series Is Here!

Today, I’m excited to be sharing the first in a series of interviews that aims to educate business owners on all aspects of profit and profitability through The Profit Project. And what better place to start than with The Profit First Implementers.

This interview stream will focus on sharing the stories of business owners who implement the Profit First cash flow methodology. Their why, their challenges and most importantly their outcomes and tips.

To kick the series off, we’re excited to introduce Katie Crismale-Marshall from Profit First for Tradies. Katie is a fellow Profit First Professional doing some amazing things. Including the launch of the Profit First for Tradies book that we talk about toward the end of the interview which is super exciting.

We talk about all things Profit First:

How Katie got started with Profit First

An introduction from her business coach at the time was the first step. It was then a bit of a stop start affair in beginning but once it was embedded there was no looking back.

Challenges Katie experienced

As with many business owners there were some practical challenges initially opening up the multiple bank accounts. But the main challenge was really about the mindset side of things which we see so often.

Benefits and outcomes of implementing the methodology

For both Katie and her clients this is all about being able to pay themselves consistently, have tax money set aside, and being able to go on holidays and see al this flow through to their personal lives.

“My wife and kids are so much happier now” is such a great quote that Katie shares around what her tradie owners often say once they have implemented Profit First. And that ties so nicely with Katie’s ultimate goal when working with her clients.

Tips for implementing and ideas around profitability and cashflow

Just get started. One step at a time. Even if it is just one account.

It’s so simple and sums up what we talked about so well. The whole idea of simplifying things rather than over complicating them like we all tend to do at times.

Check out the full interview here:

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