The Power of Why to Transform your Business

The Power of Why

Why do you do what you do? What is your purpose? Is your business aligned with this? The power of why to transform your business lies in understating the answers to these questions.

While reading Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” some years ago (which is likely to be a book review in the not too distant future…), before I had started my own businesses, the YouTube video I share below found its way onto my Facebook feed. The video resonated with me in a big way. To the point that I shared it consistently with anyone and everyone that had a conversation with in business. I wanted to know their ‘why’.

When asking people in business their ‘why’, I would drill down to the very core of it and these people would get great benefit in the short term from that. Generally because they hadn’t really thought about it in that much detail previously. I’d share this YouTube clip and feel good that I’d made a difference for the people I had spoken with. But the reality was that at that time, I myself was stuck on my what. What I was doing and how I was doing it as I started up the first business venture. And not my very own why.

The result was my first business having great social awareness and traction, but wasn’t generating much cash.

So ask yourself these 3 questions:
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Is your business aligned with this?

Many people will say they are in business, “to make lots of money!”. And that’s okay. In business we do actually need to make money to stay in business and be able to pay ourselves a wage. And ultimately achieve the goals set.

But be clear that this is a result. Why do you want to make more money? Why is that important? What are the true underlying motivations? This is your why.

Align your business values, language, image and brand with this. This will then resonate with your audience. You will be seen as authentic. And the financial reward will look after itself.

What has been the impact of finding my why, and staying aligned to it with Mints CD Consulting?
  • A clearer focus on strategic direction
  • Easier decision making process
  • A greater drive and passion to make the dreams a reality
  • Great business relationships with like-minded connections have resulted
  • A sense of energy and enthusiasm about creating an awesome community of business owners doing great things in the world

Watch the 4 minute video below and be inspired to find your why. Then focus some time and energy on it. And remember “when you know your why, your what has more impact because you’re walking towards your purpose”.

And finally, connect with Mints CD Consulting on our social media channels to follow the many threads around the power of why and making your business more profitable than it ever has been.

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