My Sacred Money Archetype Experience, and why I got certified

My Sacred Money Archetype experience was very enlightening. And has had a massive impact on many areas of my life.

I love a good archetype. Being able to get a profile of yourself and see how accurate it is. Learn some insights as I continually try to evolve my thinking and improve myself. So when a networking colleague, Kathleen started talking about money mindset one day, I was intrigued.

Having money conversations day in and day out with clients, I knew there was a load of value I could get from looking at my own money story. Talking with Kathleen further, it seemed like it’d be a great idea to get my wife Lauren on board as well.

Tense money conversations

Lauren and I never really argue, but when conversations came up around money…it was all a bit tense back then.

You know those conversations. Not feeling as though you’re being heard. Repeating the same things over and over again in different ways to try and get your point across.

So I was really hoping that by discovering our archetypes, that it could help our relationship around money.  As both of us felt as though we were listening to each other when we’d have those talks. But we were listening without really understanding.

It really was as if we were talking different languages.

“Once we got the reading. It was confirmed…we were speaking different languages. Very different money languages.”

My influential archetypes. The Maverick and the Alchemist. Lauren’s, the Accumulator and the Nurturer. Some very contrasting archetypes indeed.

The Maverick – Your inner rebel with a cause.

As we were getting our reading, which we did over the phone, there was just endless nods from each of us as we listened to Kathleen share our traits. Along with how they interrelate with each other. Which Kathleen summed up simply, “I’m not surprised you guys have some interesting and tense conversations about money!”

That realisation was a massive turning point for us. It was the diagnosis we needed. Without a diagnosis there can be no cure.

With the diagnosis, we then got a bunch of insights into how we could approach money conversations from a perspective of respecting each other’s money language.

The Accumulator – Your inner banker
Translating knowledge into practice

I now know that whenever I needed to talk about money with Lauren, I would need to frame things in a certain way. That I’d need to cover off the certain areas that make an accumulator and a nurturer know they’ve been thought of and understood.

A recent example of archetypes in action

Lauren and I were making a decision on whether to sell an investment property or not. We’d had some quick fleeting chats where we discussed the pro’s and con’s. And in fairness, they were probably going down the old path.

So when I took a step back and considered everything through Lauren’s lens, it all looked a bit different. I was fully aware of the types of questions Lauren would want answered.

So me doing what I do and mapping the full picture out on a white board, I could take into account the key areas that spoke to Lauren’s archetypes. As well as highlighting the areas that spoke to my archetypes.

It became a shared discussion around a common goal rather than one point of view versus another.

It made the conversation a much simpler one.

The Nurturer – Your inner sponsor

I can only imagine how many tense conversations and uncomfortable moments we would have both had to endure had it not been for us understanding each other’s money language!

Not all smiles

As human nature would have it though, I was a bit slow on the uptake in other areas of my life.

The money mindset archetypes had done wonders form my personal life.

But my Sacred Money Archetype experience hadn’t flowed into my consciousness with business finances. Or how I was working with clients.

That really hit me at the onset of COVID.

I was going deeper and deeper working with clients around profitability and cash flow. The ups and downs with the whole business landscape changing daily. More intense and much more emotional. It was a challenging time.

Working with clients on a behavioural approach to managing the cashflow of their businesses, I found myself talking more and more about money mindset in calls at that time.

As I did this, archetypes started coming into mind. And I had that ‘slap in the forehead’ kind of moment.

“Why on earth hadn’t I been more conscious of my own archetypes in managing my business and different financial decisions I’d made over the past few years!!!”.


“wow, how much more value can I add to my clients by complementing an understanding of their archetypes with the practical way in which set them up to simplify their cashflow”.

The Alchemist – Your inner idealist
Immediate results

Once I started to lean into my Maverick, Alchemist and my Ruler (being my top 3 influential archetypes), the impacts on my business have been immediate.

A few tweaks here and there led to greater confidence and belief in the direction of the business. A greater focus on the types of clients I would work with. The value proposition and much more. Which has ultimately led to noticeable business growth off the back of this.

Seeing that impact meant it was a no brainer to get myself trained and certified to share this with my clients. By layering the behaviours and mindset on top of the practical approach, exponential improvements are now more easily accessible.

I’ve lived and experienced the amazing benefits that understanding my archetypes has had in both my personal life, and more recently, my business life. And Lauren will say the same for our personal life and relationship.

Discover for yourself

If my Sacred Money Archetype experience has resonated with you, and you’d like to learn what your archetypes are, complete the quiz that you can access at the bottom of this article.

In under 10 minutes you can learn your influential archetypes, and become mindful of them in all your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

And get your partner or your spouse on board! Just like Lauren and I experienced, it can be a game changer with relationships and those conversations around money.

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