7 Business Books to Boost Your Profit

I love reading! There is nothing better than sitting down, putting the feet up and getting lost in a good book. I love it even more if I’m able to learn something new from what I read that I can implement in my life or business that will be an improvement on what I‘ve previously done. And if it helps boost profit in the process, even better!

When starting out in business a few years ago I read a lot of books to help me on my business journey. And I continue to read (well also listen via audiobooks) at least one business or personal development book per month as there is always something I can be doing to improve me or my business.

So to kick this blog off I thought I’d share 9 of the business related books that I consider to be my business bibles. My go to resources, thought leaders and influencers.

This post will just share a few high level details of each book in the order that I read them to give you a brief insight. I will go into further detail in future posts where I’ll be share specifics of what I gained from each, what I have implemented as a result of reading, and ultimately how they’ve improved our profit in the process.

If you can’t wait for the individual post for each of these, you can always click on the links to read the book overviews and reviews in The Book Depository, my go to place for buying books at the lowest possible price.

The 4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

This book opened my eyes up to a whole new world that I just didn’t know existed and really kick-started move from employee to business owner. With so many practical tips around ways to setup a working week, streamline processes and communications, and outsourcing there were gold nuggets of information everywhere. But outside of all that, it was the mindset shift that came from it that still resonates years after reading. Thinking of the lifestyle that can be created by setting up your business (and life for that matter) a certain way is truly motivating indeed!

The E-Myth Revisited – Michael E Gerber

Being a CPA accountant this book speaks to my heart with a focus on systems and processes. There is no better book that I have come across in being able to explain the why and how to put systems in place to grow a business, scale it, train staff and ultimately build a valuable business asset in the process. Pure gold!

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Such a simple but powerful message. I had heard about the book but hadn’t purchased it when I saw this 20 minute TED Talk Simon Sinek did. Nothing else needed to be said. I just had to read the book. Read it at a time that was just perfect for the new business ideas and direction I was taking and continues to resonate to this day. I often go back to the TED Talk just for a refresher. Check it out.

The One Thing – Gary Keller

Simply put, this book is amazing at cutting through all the crap and funily enough, focusing on the one thing! This is again a very simple idea but one that has far reaching impacts if implemented in your daily life and routines. As a result of reading this book I changed my daily action plan/map and have become more productive than ever as a result. And you can do the same…it’s not rocket science!

Book Yourself Solid – Michael Port

So many great ideas for building a loyal client base in this book that it is the next book on my list to go back through. I initially listened to this one via Audible, which was great and got a number of key takeaways that I have followed since. But there are also a lot of practical components to do that I have the workbook printed out ready to go. I know this will give me even greater insight when take this next step.

The Pumpkin Plan – Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz has become my favourite small business author for both the content he shares and the way in which he tells the story. Having first read his book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (which was aimed at business start-ups), I couldn’t wait to go straight into his next book, The Pumpkin Plan. And it hasn’t disappointed. It has become a constant reference guide on how to focus on nurturing the right aspects of my business and clientele.

Profit First – Mike Michalowicz

And last but definitely not least is this book that has provided Mints CD Consulting with the perfect organisation to partner with for our consulting services. If you’ve ever read (or heard of) The Richest Man in Babylon (and if you haven’t you should!), then this is the equivalent for business…and taken to the next level. Very simply put, it is all about ensuring business owner take their profit first, pay themselves more money, and build an amazingly sustainable business as a result. This book spoke straight to what we aim to achieve for our clients and as a result we are now a Profit First Professional firm sharing the advanced methodologies from the book tailored to the Australian market. Enough said on why I think this is a must read book for all small business owners.


(NB: The Book Depository links on this page are affiliate links and we appreciate if you don’t support such arrangements. Mints CD Consulting only partners with organisations and business whose services we use on an ongoing basis and this provider is one who we have been purchasing books from for over 2 years as they offer the best value and service we have found)



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